Of all the questions I get asked repeatedly, here are my favorites.

Why do I need a designer?

I'm sure you know someone who knows someone with photoshop who can get your poster, band shirt, or logo done for you on the cheap.  So why do you need a designer?  Because I can help you get there faster.

You can spend weeks and months going back and forth with someone, hemming and hawing, tweaking and testing.  Or we can make a plan and execute.

I also specialize in the tools and communication avenues that will ensure that your hardearned dollars go to the best use. I help craft the image you present so your brand and business get the right eyes and ears to hear your message, and eventually purchase your product or service.

IE. I help you have a better business.

Do you do logos, flyers, brochures, etc?

Yes. Yes I do. If it's the right strategy to move your business to the next level and will gain you an audience I do it.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

No I create communication strategies and design print material, you must be thinking of the leather guy...

Do you have customer service?

Of course! While we may not be available 24/7/365 (we all need some sleep folks).
I'm always happy to answer any of your questions, or meet for a coffee to discuss a project.  Just email, text or call.