Branding is more than just your name in a fancy font. It's the distillation of your business into an icon that represents your values and ideals

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What we say, to whom, where, matters.  Let me try again. How we speak to people and the situation that conversation happens in makes a difference.

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In order to grow we need to stretch and reach new audiences, to have new conversations and achieve more for our customers and clients.

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Taking Stock

Now wait a minute, isn't this a standard WordPress theme?  Aren't you a designer?

Yes and yes.

For the past 8 years I have been providing content and developing strategies for my clients on a wide variety of platforms; from print, to direct mail, websites, to events. I've even dabbled in fashion, clothing and costume building (more on that later)...

Until recently I've spent all my efforts split among different projects and avenues, and never spent enough time on my own brand.

This is now changing...


What's next?

Shoot me an email if you have a project that needs some talent, or even just to grab coffee or a beer. Lets see how I can help you and your business.